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The Impact of Web Technologies on Information Retrieval Systems: A Review

Abstract There is little research that focuses on the impact and applications of web technologies on online Information Retrieval Systems. The main contribution of this work/paper is to highlight/explore the technological imprints on online information retrieval mechanism. The author confined the study to the online information retrieval systems, their use, impact, evaluation and response of user community. The empowerment of the web user with web technologies has led to the exponential growth of data, information and knowledge and web has also tailored a novel way to seek information. With the rapid exponential growth of information resources, there is a need to logically categories this information and knowledge so it can be fully utilized by all. Prominent evaluation techniques of information retrieval systems viz-a-viz vector space model and precision and recall ratio facilitated measures to compute retrieval efficiency. Keywords: Web technologies, Information retrieval, Ontology, Web generations, Precision and Recall, vector space model

Author (s) Akib Ahmed
Affilation Department of Library Government Degree College Kangan.
Email ID
Date 31-12-2016

1. Web technologies,
2. Information retrieval,
3. Ontology,
3. Web generations,
4. Precision and Recall,
5. vector space model